Real Stories of Family

We share family secrets, family heartaches and family reunions.

In an age when connection is captured as data, we get back to our hearts.

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Can you imagine looking for your birthparents for years and then getting a response and a picture 2 minutes after sending a facebook message?

Choice is Hard

After giving up my son for adoption when I was young, I was filled with shame and self-blame, exactly the same emotions that I saw in my friends that had abortions.

We are inviting women (and men) to tell their stories. Have you ever heard your story told in someone else’s experience? It can help others going through similar trials. When people know that they are NOT alone bringing them the comfort of knowing that someone might know some of what they are going through.

It can give listeners tremendous strength and hope.

Adoption and Abortion, Birth and Death have touched all of us.

Why do we hide our profound, intense, raw stories?
  • Shame
  • Fear of being midsunderstood
  • Fear of being judged

We want people to hear these real raw human stories.
Stories about adoptee abandonment issues, family dynamics, jealousy between a birthmother and adoptive mother, the experience of abortion, and the guilt for the relief that sometimes follows.

We share stories to feel what others feel.
When I was pregnant and afraid, I would have given anything to talk to someone who had a similar experience. Someone without an agenda who could just tell me how it felt and why they made the decisions that they did.

Join us in opening up these stories, so we can touch the lives of people who need it.

Been thinking about the discontinuation of our use of the word “orphan”. Did you know that over 120,000 homeless and neglected kids were shipped from the east coast to the west between 1853 and 1947? When I was young there was a series of books called “Anne of Green Gables”. The premise of the book [Read More…]